Experimenters of the week

Seminar: Tuesday, 10:30am, Auditorium


August 26
M. De Kieviet (Heidelberg)
Atomic Beam Spin Echo: Precision Experiments on Fluctuation induced
quantum effects
September 2
M. Chan (Penn State)
Fluctuation induced thinning of superfluid film : confirmation of finite
size scaling
September 16
W.-J. Kim (Yale)
Precision measurements of the Casimir force using a torsion pendulum
September 29
J. Munday (Caltech)
Measurements of the Casimir force with application to nanotechnology
September 30
J. Munday (Caltech)
Casimir-Lifshitz forces and QED torques in fluid
October 1
H. B. Chan (U Florida)
Measurement of the Casimir force on nanoscale corrugated surfaces
October 7
U. Mohideen (UC Riverside)
Modulation of the Casimir Force with Light: Experiment and Theory
October 16
R. H. French (DuPont Co.)
van der Waals - London Dispersion Interactions For Metallic and Semiconducting
Carbon Nanotubes From ab initio Unixial Optical Properties
October 21
G. Palasantzas (Groningen)
Kinetic surface roughening and optical properties influence on the Casimir force between gold surfaces
October 28
R. Decca (Purdue U)
Precise measurements of the Casimir force using MEMS oscillators
November 4
R. Garcia (WPI)
Experimental observation of Casimir forces in tricritical and liquid crystalline films
November 12
S. de Man (U Amsterdam)
A new experimental set-up for high-statistics measurements of the Casimir
November 18
R. Onofrio (Dartmouth)
Casimir forces: confronting different geometries
November 20
R. Onofrio (Dartmouth)
Towards experimental test of the dynamical Casimir effect